50th anniversary at the Newseum in DC

I bought a Press Pass to get priority seating and went to be a voice for truth at the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol. http://www.newseum.org/programs/2013/1122-inside-media/james-swanson-on-the-jfk-assassination.html  (they expire links soon)

It was a good thing I was there. Newseum disappointed me, supposedly being for the First Amendment, as being a vehicle for the tired lone gunman theory. End of Days by James Swanson is a rehash of the official nonsense we have heard for 50 years, and that about 70% of Americans do not believe. Swanson discounts the 1979 House of Representatives Special Committee on Assassinations, that conclude there were “at least two gunmen” involved in the JFK assassination, and that a shot came from the front, near the Grassy Knoll.

I challenged Swanson in the Q&A session after his talk and am preparing a video. I asked him if he would be willing to debate Dr.  James Fetzer, Roger Stone, or Gov. Jesse Ventura. He refused saying he would not debate those with “religious views” of the assassination (a cop out).

I do not want him to profit from his propaganda book, but decided to buy one to help me write a rebuttal exposing his b.s.   I asked him if he would sign the book “For Roger Stone” (who had given me an autographed book) but Steven refused saying “he is accusing LBJ!”

Swanson exaggerates and claims things out of the blue as if it was established evidence. On page 173, he claims that “several witnesses either saw Oswald shoot Tippit or flee the scene.” Swanson does not name or reference the witnesses. He uses the word “or” to fudge the impression that there were “several witnesses” to the shooting. Swanson fudges further by claiming “One man heard him mutter ‘poor dumb cop'” but again does not name the alleged witness. That is because there were no reliable witnesses to the shooting within 1 block. How could anyone hear a mutter from a block away?

If anyone asks Swanson a tough question, he says “it is in poor taste to discuss the assassination on this day when the country and his wife and children lost John Kennedy” – even though he is the one talking to the press about his book about it.

I pointed out to the Curator that their exhibit about the Zapruder Film has his actual camera on display, but conveniently leaves out the frame where JFK’s skull fragments are going back and to the left.

At least Newseum includes a link to the Oliver Stone interview about JFK.


Newseum hopefully will show the broadcasts on its channel.



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